Our Signature Compression Wrist Sleeve

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Signature Compression Wrist Sleeve

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Raven Performance

At its core, Raven Performance is a baseball apparel company. We specialize in functional gear aimed at improving your performance on and off the field. All of our gear is designed and tested by professional ball players and other athletes.

What's so special about your RavenX fabric?

You may have noticed the RavenX branding on some of our products.  Our RavenX polyester is a performance oriented, moisture-wicking, UV protected and cooling fabric.  Some of our items have added spandex spun into the RavenX polyester to give the garment added qualities such as anti-pilling, a satin like finish and a form fit.

What's different about Raven Performance?

As any successful company knows, you need a good product, a good message and a strong team.  We believe that we have assembled all aspects of this trio.  But we aren’t happy with the status quo.We want to be disrupters to the performance apparel industry.  Why should you pay 1000% markups on products made fully overseas and imported?  We use a dynamic model of production; that means that while some of our production gets done overseas much of the finishing is done right here in the USA.  So while it may cost us more to have a logo sewn on or artwork applied domestically, we think it is the right thing to do.

What are the details with shipping?

We charge a flat rate of your choice of $5 or $7.5 for Domestic orders and $25 for International orders.  We ship via USPS Ground/Priority mail; packages usually arrive 2-3 business days after ordering.  Payments are made through PayPay so you can use all major credit cards, safely and securely.  Browse and buy as a guest or create and account for faster future checkouts.